Kickstarting Your Career as an Online English Tutor

Working from home as an Online English Tutor means handling your schedule, controlling your activity, meeting different people around the world from the comfort of your home. 

There are so many excellent opportunities for an online English tutor, resulting in high demand for tutoring online instead of heading out of having a laptop sufficient to kickstart your career. 

You may be waiting for this opportunity to knock on your door. And, now that it has, you have no idea how to begin your journey in the same way. Here is what you should know about English language tutor jobs and how to go about it. 

What does it mean to teach online on tutoring platforms? 

You may be wondering if it is challenging to start a career as an English language tutor online Jobs. Well, for starters, you must have good experience in the language, your vocabulary, accent, and grammar must be strong. Secondly, you need to have a look at different language learning and teaching platforms.

Selecting the right platform is essential since it is the foundation of starting your career online. There is no difficulty in being an English tutor, as long as you know what is expected! 

Who do I teach online? 

As an online English tutor, your reach is expanded beyond boundaries since people from across the globe learn English. You will get to teach English to not just people in your country, but around the world, and of all ages and gender. 

The demand for the language is rapidly growing, and people are keen to learn it. Different people have different needs related to learning English; some wish to enhance grammar, while some focus on vocabulary, accent, boosting confidence, etc. 

You might be teaching business professionals, school students, adults, and even attending classes on weekends. As a tutor, you have various options to pick from.

Do I need any certification? 

It would help if you had a good understanding of the language, and that is one reason why tutoring companies can hire you. If you have a certificate of TEFL/TESOL, you are likely to have an advantage here. 

However, not having a certificate does not reduce your chance of teaching as an online English tutor: your skill, experience, and quality understanding of the language matter. 

Do I have to be a Native Speaker?

It is not a compulsion for a tutor to be a native-English speaker. But, this adds to the credibility or better chances of getting recruited in the tutoring platform. Don’t fret if you witness tutoring platforms only allowing native speakers! You have got other options, too; there are great sites available online. 


If you are looking for English language tutor jobs, you need to understand what is expected. When you know the job role and responsibility, you can give the best! Now that your doubts are resolved, you can move ahead and pursue your career in the same. It is time you take action and kickstart your career in this field. 

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