True and tried tips to acquire a good band score in IELTS speaking

Do you think that you can easily tackle other sections of the IELTS exam except speaking because you have to answer perfectly and fluently every question being asked by the examiner? If yes, then you are not the only person to think the same as there are many candidates who assume the same and feel a shiver down their spine. This situation is usually experienced by those who don’t speak English in their everyday life and who had not learned English in their schools and colleges. 

Don’t worry! We are here to direct you on the right path so that you can easily hit a target band score in the IELTS speaking. Read this article till the end and explore the superlative tips to boost your speaking skills. Moreover, the best guidance from the coach can add additional benefits and help you improve your speaking skills rapidly. So, look for the best platform on and attain coaching from a proficient trainer to brush up on your speaking skills. 

Here are the true and tried tips IELTS test-takers can follow to be fluent in English in order to achieve a desirable band score in the speaking section:

Surround yourself with English 

To learn any language, you need to indulge yourself in that language in your daily life. Not only do you have to speak in English but also you have to listen to it as well as read and write in it. This way, you can easily know the pronunciation, grammatical structure and a lot more that can help you make new sentences appropriately. Therefore, speak in English with your friends, family, neighbors as well as strangers when you move to some public places. If you don’t have someone, you can talk to the voice assistant on your phone. 

Apart from that, listen to English podcasts and songs and don’t forget to watch English movies and web series. To acquire rapid results, you can mimic the dialogues of the movies as it will not only improve your punctuation but also smoothen the flow of speaking. Don’t just stay confined to these methodologies as you can follow a lot of other ways as well but make sure that will help you get positive results. 

Think in English 

Do you think in your regional language and then translate your ideas into English to give an answer? If yes, then you need to change this habit as it can impact your fluency. Sometimes candidates take a huge pause to translate their ideas and when they begin to speak, the examiner interrupts and moves on to the next question. Therefore, try to stop translating your ideas and directly think in English to maintain a flow while speaking. This is only possible if you do regular practice. Once you get familiar with the process, it will be easy for you to give quick responses. Hence, you will be able to get a desirable band score in IELTS speaking. 

Speak in front of the mirror 

You might belong to a region where English is not popular. So, you might not have a person with whom you can talk in English. Don’t worry! You can be your own friend and speak with yourself in front of the mirror. To boost your confidence, it is an ideal way to have a talk with yourself. Evaluate your facial expressions, tone, body language and accent and keep a check on the mistakes. Make sure to make eye contact with yourself while looking at the mirror because it will make you look more confident. So, spend at least 20-30 minutes doing this activity to upgrade your speaking skills in a short time span.  

Improve your vocabulary 

You have to avoid repetition of words while speaking in front of the examiner. So, learn new and unique words to deliver your thoughts and ideas in a more presentable form. However, you need to pay full attention to the pronunciation if you mispronounce the words, it won’t help you acquire a good band score in IELTS speaking. Therefore, learn at least 5 new words along with their correct pronunciation and practice them regularly to attain better apprehension in order to avoid flaws in the exam. 

Keep a check on your mistakes 

Take the latest cue card topic, start a voice recorder, begin to speak and record the entire session. Once you are done with it, listen to your recording again and jot down every single mistake in a notebook. Know what are the reasons behind those mistakes. Is the reason the same or different for each of them? Whether it is because of unclear grammar concepts, poor pronunciation, a lack of vocabulary or anything else, make sure to put in laborious efforts to make improvements so that you won’t repeat those mistakes in front of the examiner. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, don’t hesitate to speak in English because the more you practice, the more you can improve your speaking skills. So, practice as much as you can and follow the above-mentioned tips to upgrade your English-speaking skills. 

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